3xfun’s Blog

I want to make this blog emanate steam…..Will you help me?

Any advice is welcome….. You rock. I do too : )

I had no idea this can be fun.

Thank you….

Love this body


Thanks to you who gave me the pointer to tweet later. This has been good.

i am just learnin’. but I am learning fast.

let’s make some cash so we can go out

and help the tweet later guys.they are cool . totally cool so far. love people with money. can’t help it…..

And you’ll help me get myself some nice clothes.

Everyone benefits : )

Yes, I am what I am. Shameless yet vulnerable. Please just accept me. You would be the same in my shoes/pants/top

My SEXY LINK TO tweet later

Here is what they say. And I believe them. What can I do? If they pay me…. I love nice clothes. Help me get them… LOL

“We are the trusted and preferred productivity solution for more than 31,330 Twitter accounts, with roughly 107,010 tweets published every 7 days, and more than 55 million follower relationships evaluated every 24 hours.”

This is where 3xfun meets tweeter. All I want is to have fun and to live this life fully. With all those who want to join me (3 for now). More are welcome. I am just exploring my way into tweeter. Join me/us and let’s have some fun….


Yes I know. I am hot. And modest : )

Would you like to guess which one I am???

Any helpful suggestions with wordpress/twitter and alike are welcome.

I am a beginner. Take me easy : )